Welcome to the Madikwe Game Reserve

Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge is situated in the Madikwe Game Reserve, one of the few malaria-free reserves in southern Africa. The Reserve is located in South Africa along the Botswana border, twenty kilometres from Gaberone and lies within a transition region between lowveld bushveld and the Kalahari thornveld. Consequently, the region hosts an incredible diversity of species from both eco-systems. Geographically, the region has enormous volcanic intrusions known as Inselbergs, which are prominent throughout and create a spectacular backdrop to the reserve.

Madikwe Game Reserve from your private viewing deck at Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge

Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge – A unique Community-based Development

Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge is the first wholly-owned, Community-based Safari Lodge to be developed in South Africa. The lodge is an eco-tourism partnership between North-West Parks, the Balete Ba Lekgophung Community and the operator, The Nature Workshop. The community has a 45-year lease to operate a commercial lodge with traversing rights across the reserve. The concept is unique in South Africa as the community owns the lodge, with substantial benefits accruing back to the community itself.